Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The dangers of a 60 second shower

When one has a new baby, they usually are wise to reconsider their priorities.
Adoring my New Baby,
Cuddling my Older Kiddos, &
Loving my Perfect Husband topped my list.
I didn't think a 60 second shower was an unreasonable second priority.

Apparently I was wrong.....

I thought I'd taken the proper precautions: house doors locked, bedroom/bathroom door locked with new baby securely buckled in her bouncy chair on the floor, and toddler preoccupied with books and toys on the bedroom floor. My shower was short. Really it was.

But alas, here is the scene I found:

Though Eve can't speak,
I think she was trying to give me a clue as to what happened
with her eyes.

The bright side?
With all that lotion she will now have

Tomorrows blog: How to take a 30 second shower.

A few more angles.....

For our family out of state (which is nearly all our family)
requesting more, more, MORE!!!
Here are a few snapshot of the first week of her life!
She sure is fun!

Welcome to our family, Eve!!!

The kids could hardly contain their excitement in the final days
as we anticipated our baby's birth!
And the actual event was just as thrilling as they'd imagined
(well... Amelia doesn't look too thrilled, but I can assure you she was!)
This was their first peek at their forever sister!
While most babies are welcomed into the world with softly sung lullaby's,
Eve was welcomed with a heart felt, albeit off-key, rendition of Happy Birth-day!
They even brought an Oreo birthday cake!
(The chocolate cake crumbs in the hospital bed that night reminded me that
I am blessed
motherhood is never boring!)

..... but motherhood certainly is rewarding!!!

Proud Daddy is in love...

... and for good reasons.

Jacob meets Eve.
(Our oldest and youngest.)
Aubree gives Eskimo Kisses.
Hayden is so tender with his Sister....
... and Seth is a gentle giant.

And Amelia is just happy, happy, happy!!!

Let's take her HOME!

Eve Isabelle Wilcox!

Today I met my baby girl.
It is a reality that doesn't fully hit you until they place her in your arms.
The weekly doctor's visits, growing belly, and uncomfortable contractions
all provide a foreshadowing;
but you never fully comprehend how much and how quickly
you will fall in love and have your life forever changed
until she is there-- in your arms;
until you feel her soft skin, smell her sweet breath, and touch her tiny hands and feet.
And in that moment you forget that there ever was a time when you didn't know her;
a time when your life didn't revolve around her;
a time when you were not complete.

Being reintroduced to my children after a few earthly years
or a few eternal moments apart
is one of my favorite experiences upon this earth.
The veil between heaven and earth is so thin
as these sweet spirits enter their mortal life.
What a time of joy!
What a privilege to be part of that process.

Eve was born at 4:10pm on September 17th, 2009.
She weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces & is 20 inches long.
She is perfect.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here is "Elk," my deer. Got it last week. Seth said we should call it "Elk," and after going to Rocky Mtn. NP on Memorial Day weekend and seeing thousands of real elk, that's what Mia calls anything in the deer family. So this is Elk. I guess it's a fitting name since it was supposed to be an elk. The mount turned out nice. Elk is a good looking buck - good coloration. He is likely the last deer I'll ever shoot since we don't really care for deer meat.

So there you go. Maybe I'll actually get an elk this year and we can call him Buck or something.