Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"Amelia, What would you like for your birthday?"
"Pink, what?"
"I don't care... just PINK!"
"Okaaaaay.... What would you like to do on your birthday?"
"Play PINK!"
"How do you 'Play PINK'?"
"I'll teach you."

PINK is exhausting!
Happy 3rd Birthday Amelia!

Monday, June 7, 2010

8 years of livin' it up!

If Hayden is going to do anything....
..... he is going to do it right!

If he is going sledding....
...he wants to know how the snow tastes.

If Hayden is going to have an addiction...
...he will certainly have those addictions accessible.

If he is going to eat spaghetti at Christmas time... will be topped with lots of maple syrup (reference "Elf")

If he is going fishing...
...he will be getting a little muddy.

If he is going to a Monday night football game...
...face paint is a must (especially if he is cheering against his dad's team!)

If he is getting ready for church...
...he'll play Super Hero first.

If he is going to turn 8 and get baptized....
...he will make sure he is surrounded by people who love him.

If he is going to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints....
...he is going to make sure he knows the gospel.
If Hayden is going to keep getting older...
I want to make sure he knows I'm loving every day I have with him!

Happy Birthday Hayden!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seth's Six Secrets

Seth turned SIX on April 6th!
Here are a few SECRETS I'll share

#1. Seth actually LIKES getting kisses from his mom and dad.
(But don't tell!)

#2. Seth likes to play "SUPERMAN"
on the moving sidewalk at the airport
when mom and dad aren't looking.
(But don't tell them what I'm up to!)
{Oh! Hi, mom and dad!}

#3. Seth likes to jump on the couch when mom and dad aren't looking.
(But don't tell mom and dad how he got so good at doing flips!)

#4. Seth occasionally indulges his sisters and plays dress up.
(But don't tell his future girlfriends!)

#5. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING,
is more important to Seth than sneaking an extra
daily vitamin.

#6. Seth sometimes has a messy face.
Did I say 'sometimes'?
I meant 'ALWAYS'.
Sometimes the messy face even surprises Seth.
(He is so edible!)

Pssst. Here's MY secret:
I adore EVERYTHING about this boy!
He's my hero!

Happy Birthday Seth!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What does "10" look like?

1 year of so-happy-to-have-you...

2 years of sweetness...
3 years of tea party dress-ups...
4 years of dancing...

5 years of dreaming...

6 years of smiles...
7 years of hugs...
8 years of silliness...
9 years of laughing...
10 years of pure joy!
Happy Birthday Aubree!
We love you to the moon and back!