Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's the going rate for tomatoes?

I love tomatoes!
Did you know that there are over 7500 varieties of tomatoes?
I bet I would love them all.

I also love to GROW tomatoes.
When we lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bryan built me
a container garden on our small little deck.
When we lived in Syracuse, New York Bryan built me
garden boxes made from the wood we found in our neighbors garbage pile.
When we moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado Bryan built me bigger and better garden boxes built out of wood we bought from an actual store!
It was easy to garden in Milwaukee.
It was easy to garden in Syracuse.
But Colorado Springs has presented a whole herd of problems!

Here are a few reasons I suspect life to be hard for my little flora-friends...
(6700 feet above sea level makes breathing hard for all life forms...
especially when life forms try to go on the occasional run!)
(nickel-sized to quarter-sized hail will take the life out of car hoods,
not to mention fragile plant leaves and fruit!)
Wild life.
(rapidly reproducing rabbits, greedy deer, and the occasional bear. Grow your own food!!!)

But this good man here on the right and his trusty side-kicks
were determined to give me tomatoes!!!

Lots of soda for the laborers means lots of cans to crush....
someone had to do it!

Is there anything better than seeing your children hard at work under the tutelage of your husband? I think not.

The end result?
A pergola impervious to those greedy deer

...lots of TOMATOES!!!!
I love tomatoes!

Correction: I LIKE tomatoes.
I LOVE my husband!

P.S. The going rate for this here bowl of tomatoes?