Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seth's Six Secrets

Seth turned SIX on April 6th!
Here are a few SECRETS I'll share

#1. Seth actually LIKES getting kisses from his mom and dad.
(But don't tell!)

#2. Seth likes to play "SUPERMAN"
on the moving sidewalk at the airport
when mom and dad aren't looking.
(But don't tell them what I'm up to!)
{Oh! Hi, mom and dad!}

#3. Seth likes to jump on the couch when mom and dad aren't looking.
(But don't tell mom and dad how he got so good at doing flips!)

#4. Seth occasionally indulges his sisters and plays dress up.
(But don't tell his future girlfriends!)

#5. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING,
is more important to Seth than sneaking an extra
daily vitamin.

#6. Seth sometimes has a messy face.
Did I say 'sometimes'?
I meant 'ALWAYS'.
Sometimes the messy face even surprises Seth.
(He is so edible!)

Pssst. Here's MY secret:
I adore EVERYTHING about this boy!
He's my hero!

Happy Birthday Seth!