Sunday, March 29, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

When Seth saw Bryan put on his PJ's he was THRILLED to realize that he had similar PJ's in his own drawer. He ran to his room and came back yelling, "We are matching!!!" And boy are they ever!
Seth is the spittin' image of his dad at age 4 (almost 5). They are even both number 4 in the family line-up (even the exact same boy/girl order!) They have the same temperament and quirks.

And they are both super easy to fall in love with!!!


kimberly said...

these pictures are so cute. brian's such a good dad and little captured memories like this really show it :)

Mom Force said...

Who in the heck is that BIG kid tha Bryan is holding. What happened to my little Seth? He looks so big. Where does time go? Great pictures!

tarryn said...

Twinners! That is so cute. They really do look a lot alike, huh.

LindsMcConk said...

Oh my gosh, this is priceless! Seth really is getting big!!! I love blogs so that we can all be in on these fun moments and so that you can remember them forever :)

ConversationsWithACupcake said...

Those are two very nice, nice boys right there. It's not such a bad thing at all when your dad is mild-mannered, kind-hearted, and rock-your-socks-off funny at parties.

Seth is headed on a great path.

And the both of them look divoooon in matching pj pants. LOVE IT!

Oh! Pics of Spring Break at

alligood said...

YEA!!! You have a BLOG! Now I know and I can happily reacquaint myself with your family - the dynamic is a bit different since our Syracuse days.