Saturday, February 6, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wilcox Family Highlights of 2009
-Eve Isabelle Wilcox: born September 17th, 7 pounds 5 ounces, our 6th,
never cries.... sweet justice!, played "Baby Jesus in the church Nativity,
abundantly loved by our family.
-Amelia (2): perpetually wandering off, first pair of "squeaky shoes", cutest laugh and voice ever, tells everyone "SHHHHH! I don't want it!" when she doesn't like what she is being told.
-Seth (5): kindergarten, world record for 'longest loose tooth' (it's been hanging by a thread since September), light sabers, roller-skating, our absent-minded professor, dimples.
-Hayden (7): began piano lessons, basketball, Broncos fan, contagious laugh, organized, hard worker.
-Aubree (9): school basketball team, cello, piano, football fan, mom's best helper, considerate.
-Jacob (12): Aaronic Priesthood, middle school, piano, basketball, fun sense of humor, sweet big brother; football, football, football.
-Jamica (30 something, closer to 30 than 40): laundry, won McConkie family Pike's Peak award, piano lessons, doll house with Amelia, cherishing the beautiful chaos of motherhood; kids, kids, kids.
-Bryan (30 something, definitely closer to 40 than 30): work, hiking, shot first elk- 6 point magnificent bull, piano lessons, catch with kids, still trying to persuade lovely wife to hang elk in our home.

We count YOU- our family and friends- among our greatest blessings.
May the peace of our Savior be with you all year.

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