Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School Pictures

Even if I had 200 extra buckaroos to give to the school photographer, I wouldn't do it.
But they ask me to. Every stinkin' year!
I could have my kids run around as if playing a heated game of soccer
until you could smell the sweat through the picture,
have them smudge some of their lunch on their face,
ask them to give me a fake smile,
and shoot the picture just as easily here at home
and KEEP the $200!
So I did.

We had our own 'school pictures' in our front yard.
Much more pleasant. Much more affordable. Much more real.

Eve, age 1.....
Always at mom's feet

Amelia, age 3....
Mom's little shadow

Seth, age 6
First Grade

Hayden, age 8
Third Grade

Aubree, age 10
Fifth Grade

Jacob, age 12
Seventh Grade

Group shots?... a different story.
I need to pay someone else to do this part.

The lighting...
The kids...
no one could look at the camera at the same time or keep their hands down

And Eve?....
... she was DONE!
I'm outta here!


Emily said...

These are so cute! I love the more "natural" look

Lisa said...

So fun to see these pictures of your kids growing up so fast. If we were still there, I'm sure Tommy and Megan would be good friends with Amelia and Eve.

The Cox's said...

Amen to the crummy school photo's. I stopped doing them a long time ago! However, I have not been very diligent in replacing them.....And, I am so glad you are blogging - I LOVE to read about your family!