Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maroon Bells

Some people say marriage is challenging.
I say marriage is beautiful.
Some people say climbing a mountain is challenging.
I say climbing a mountain is beautiful.
Just look at this mountain!

This is Maroon Bells.
For our 15th anniversary Bryan and I wanted to do something challenging.
We woke at 4am, drove from Aspen to the Maroon Bell trail head,
and embarked on a crazy adventure!

See how happy I look?
(I had no idea what I was in for!)

Bryan is a seasoned climber. He has climbed about fifteen 14ers
(peaks over 14,000 feet) in Colorado.

A kiss for good luck before our climb to the summit!

It was about HERE that we began to realized what we were in-for...

(look at the steep grade on the "easy" part of our hike)

Refueling break.

Isn't this an amazing view?

Boulder fields are a killer.
Thank heaven for trekking poles.

Finally reached the summit
(or at least the 'false summit)

There's the REAL summit!
It was another 2 hours from this point.

The mountain goats in the back ground followed us.... mocking us the whole way.
What creature in their right mind would live on rocky cliffs?!?!

We climbed up chimney's...

...down chimney's.....

...across ledges...
...and hours and hours of climbing up,up, up..... the top of the world!!!

It's so great to know you can't possibly climb any higher!

Challenging climb? Yes.
Worth it? Absolutely.
Beautiful sites to behold!

A kiss for good luck on our descent.
(We should have kissed much longer! We needed more luck!
The descent kicked our tails!)

Ha! These are picture that I would typically delete in about two nano-seconds.
I can't describe how tired we felt!
These pictures give a bit of a clue!
We didn't make it back to our truck until 11pm... 17 hours of non stop climbing!
Oh, my aching legs!

Some people say climbing a mountain is challenging.
Some people say marriage is challenging.
And they are right.
Mountain climbing is challenging but also beautiful.
And Marriage is challenging but also very beautiful.
Especially when you achieve your goals together.

Happy 15th Anniversary!


The Cox's said...

These pictures are fabulous! The feeling at the top has to be unmatchable! LOVED the last couple of photo's. I look like that almost EVERY night! Happy Anniversary!

Robyn DeGaetano said...

Amazing - simply amazing. I loved the pictures, how they told the whole story of your climb, especially the hilarious "we are sooo tired" shots at the end - priceless!! I think it is so cool that you guys did that for your anniversary. I love camping, hiking, and all of that stuff, so it sounds like something that I would have wanted to do. Anyhow, happy 15th anniversary!