Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Change of Heart

We had one of "Those Days” today. It was Sunday and it was NOT a day of rest.
By 7:45am I had issued 7 time outs (we only have 5 children, one of them being less than a year and a half in age…. not quite old enough for a time out- but close!), cleaned up 2 bowls of soggy frosted mini wheat’s that had spilt on the floor (the very floor I had mopped at 1 am… less than seven hours earlier), and had changed my baby into her third church dress (where does she keep finding markers?)
And the day didn’t progress in a positive way. At church my sweet husband who was running interference at one end of the pew while I ran interference at the other leaned over and informed me that he would be calling the urologist the next morning to make an appointment for a vasectomy (a telling sign that it had been a rough day for him as well!) Total Chaos!!!
I was attempting to just hang on to my sanity that evening and hoping I would make it through a request to make Rice Crispie Treats. I was counting down the hours until bedtime when the phone rang. It was a girlfriend of mine from high school and college asking if she could come and stay with me for a couple of days. Of course!
Anne, (with an “e”) lives in a different state but would be in town for a couple of days by herself for some “testing.” Anne is my age (which is VERY young, btw) has three adorable girls, one doting husband, and aggressive melanoma that she has been fighting for one year now. Her best treatment options are what brings her to our state. The doctors recently found tumor growth…. thus, more testing.
It’s amazing how a day can go from being one of “Those Days” (*tired sigh and a grumble*) to being one of “Those Days” (*grateful sigh and a full heart*).
Later that evening when 4 ½ year old Seth spilt the entire Super Sized bag of Rice Crispies on the floor and 17 month old Amelia discovered the joy of making them say “snap, crackle, pop” with quick little dancing steps we just abandoned the plan for Rice Crispie Treats, left the mess on the floor, grabbed the bag of marshmellows and a favorite book, and headed for the couch, ready for some serious snuggling. Beautiful Chaos…. I am so blessed.


Bassett Family said...

Hooray for Jamica! It is so fun to see your kids' so grown up! Thanks for posting:) Oh, and I am the first one to leave a comment on YOUR blog. I'll go down in history for sure ;)

Kathleen said...

Ah Heather is too quick!
But gotta say LOVE IT! I'll visit often my friend.