Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to our family, Eve!!!

The kids could hardly contain their excitement in the final days
as we anticipated our baby's birth!
And the actual event was just as thrilling as they'd imagined
(well... Amelia doesn't look too thrilled, but I can assure you she was!)
This was their first peek at their forever sister!
While most babies are welcomed into the world with softly sung lullaby's,
Eve was welcomed with a heart felt, albeit off-key, rendition of Happy Birth-day!
They even brought an Oreo birthday cake!
(The chocolate cake crumbs in the hospital bed that night reminded me that
I am blessed
motherhood is never boring!)

..... but motherhood certainly is rewarding!!!

Proud Daddy is in love...

... and for good reasons.

Jacob meets Eve.
(Our oldest and youngest.)
Aubree gives Eskimo Kisses.
Hayden is so tender with his Sister....
... and Seth is a gentle giant.

And Amelia is just happy, happy, happy!!!

Let's take her HOME!


Becki Madsen said...

She is beautiful Jamica! Looks like a true Wilcox!

alligood said...

Congratulations Jamica and Brian (and kids!)! Eve is such a beautiful little piece of heaven. Your words about her birth brought tears to my eyes - so wonderful! Welcome to the world Eve! And welcome to the crazy world of six children, my friend!

The Cox's said...

Yippeeee! Congratulations! She is absolutely so beautiful and the photo's of all the kids are so darling! Brings back lots of fun memories....time goes by so quickly. Annie is almost 18 months and it seems like yesterday she was born! Enjoy every second. Loved the lotion incident. Sixty seconds really is asking a lot Jame. Love you lots