Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The dangers of a 60 second shower

When one has a new baby, they usually are wise to reconsider their priorities.
Adoring my New Baby,
Cuddling my Older Kiddos, &
Loving my Perfect Husband topped my list.
I didn't think a 60 second shower was an unreasonable second priority.

Apparently I was wrong.....

I thought I'd taken the proper precautions: house doors locked, bedroom/bathroom door locked with new baby securely buckled in her bouncy chair on the floor, and toddler preoccupied with books and toys on the bedroom floor. My shower was short. Really it was.

But alas, here is the scene I found:

Though Eve can't speak,
I think she was trying to give me a clue as to what happened
with her eyes.

The bright side?
With all that lotion she will now have

Tomorrows blog: How to take a 30 second shower.


tarryn said...

Oh, that is too funny! Maybe Amelia and Eve need to come to HW next year. I want to see all that personality first hand. Eve is beautiful! She is so awake and aware already! We will miss you!!!

PS I love your entries!

Kathleen Cutler said...

Diddo to what Tarryn said. I can't believe you got a shower in at all. I'm so happy for you!
Miss you and I haven't even left yet:)
Thanks for posting, FUN stuff!

kimberly said...

thanks to eve..we get all these family updates, thanks eve! she is so sweet! it looks like mia was just giving her a facial. at least she avoided the eyes right?

Becki Madsen said...

Too funny, the big sister trying to show the little sister the benefits of a great moisturizer! What a cutie! Glad you are back to blogging!

ConversationsWithACupcake said...

Land sakes, Jamica. You had me crying and laughing. First, I read this post.

Then, I scrolled through the other's I'd missed and read that beautiful 'welcome' to your sweet baby.

Welcome, indeed. She is so blessed to have you as her family.


alligood said...

Jake (my 20 month old) showers WITH me each and every day. Not so much because I want him clean, but rather because I want him CONTAINED!
Funny picture! Aren't sixth babies lucky to have so many people to adore and take care of them?

John McLay said...

I love this! What a great (and hilarious) memory.

She is so precious. I can't wait to meet her!