Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bryan's real “Elk”

Here are some long overdue pictures of the bull shot 2 weeks ago. Can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks already (Kinda feels wrong to be so excited about an elk when I have a beautiful new baby to show off, but how often do you shoot such a tremendous elk? Babies…well they seem to come along every other year….).

Here is my perspective of the elk from where I shot. 8 cows came out of the aspen on the far left (most of leaves appear to be off) and walked left to right to the crown of the hill and then stopped. The bull followed them out about 15 seconds later. (elk is down b/w the aspen and the crown of the hill).

Thinking of putting this one in my office lobby.... "the doctor will see you now."


Kathleen Cutler said...

Tom is impressed, I'm mores impressed by the new baby.

Joseph said...

nice 6 x 6 definite head mount worthy (placed right above your bed of course)

Robyn DeGaetano said...

Holy CROW that thing is HUGE!!! I'm going to show Lou these pictures - he is going to be so jealous... :)