Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Guess what, Mom?!"

I was going to wash off the lip gloss before heading to the store,
but on second thought...
the generously applied lip gloss may be just the thing necessary
to draw the attention from
her shorts (it's FREEZING outside),
her loud socks
and her shoes on the wrong feet-
all of which she refuses to change.

Amelia is so stubborn.
Amelia makes me so tired.

But she's a smart cookie:
Whenever she hears me sigh
(typically as a result of her actions)
she promptly says,
"Guess what, Mom?!"
*another tired sigh*
"What, Amelia?"

Amelia also makes me so happy!

1 comment:

The Cox's said...

This is absolutely hilarious, and looks so familiar. Yesterday I found Annie with an open (think Emma) bottle of orange nail polish...her one year old fingers were completely covered with polish and she was starting on the kitchen table. Lets just say she was not thrilled when I stopped her fun. How does this happen when I am RIGHT NEXT TO HER!