Thursday, January 7, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree

There are some tree-mendous benefits
to living in the great state of Colorado.
We spent a few pleasant hours hiking through
the beautiful mountains and warm sunshine of Colorado
to find the perfect Christmas tree.

Is there anything more symbolic
than seeing freshly cut trees atop cars full of families
to herald the beginning of the Christmas Season?

They always look smaller in the forrest!


kimberly said...

a new post! i love it! first of all jame, you look so cute in that first picture. you could be the older sister. second, the tree is beautiful next to those awesome curtains! i haven't seen any of your house updates and it looks great. it's time for a visit :)

tarryn said...

Yay! I loved reading all of your updates. You blog like I blog (and like how I clean). It is like I get to be a fly on the Wilcox's wall through your fall and early winter. The kids are so beautiful!!! Miss ya, Jame.

The Cox's said...

What a fun thing! You have such a cute family and it's so fun to see them. I also love photo's that show me where you live. I should you know, after spending years drawing layouts on the chalkboard in your basement, Rikki....I won't say any more. Love you!