Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nothing says 'Happy Groundhog's Day' like Road Kill

Some traditions are shared by families across the globe:
Christmas trees and stockings,
Easter baskets and dying eggs,
Carving pumpkins and trick or treating,
Football games and seven layer dip.

Other traditions, you're fairly certain, are unique to your own family:
Meatloaf shaped like a ground hog which resembles bloody road kill 
more than a meal you would actually eat, I believe, belongs to our family.

But once a fun tradition starts, 
you just CAN'T let it die! 
(Even if it already looks dead)

~Grandma and Grandpas received The Head as a token of our love~

These little critters are much more acceptable 
(and appetizing)

And THESE little critters are the reason we create and continue goofy traditions!

So edible!  
And the cupcake too!

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Mom Force said...

I remember that ground hog day and it totally looks like a ground hog!!!