Friday, April 12, 2013


Aubree is good.  She just came that way.  
I'd would love to take credit, but I'm afraid God would strike me dead 
for stealing His glory.

For Aubree's 12th Birthday she wanted to plan something fun.  
Something different.  Something meaningful.
Here is what she came up with...

It’s going to be a farm-tastic birthday party!

February 24th-25th
(Sleep over!)
Come dressed as a farm animal!
5770 Dynasty Ridge Court 80918
RSVP 260-6365

Wouldn’t it be fun to buy a cow, a pig, or a llama for a needy family in a Third World Country?!?!?
(go to www. for more information)

If you would be willing to donate money for this cause
rather than buying a birthday gift,
please enclose your donation in the attached envelope.
(It doesn't have to be much.)

The night of the party 13 energetic girls gathered together.  

They cleverly decorated these cupcakes and barn to enhance the party theme.

Then they wrote a song to the tune of "Old McDonald" 
asking for donations for "Hefer International".

The neighbors loved their caroling and kindly donated 
(whether is was for the good of the cause
Or to make them stop sining, I'm still not sure.)

They counted up their money and decided what to buy for a needy family in Honduras:

1 pig
1 goat
1 flock of chickens
1 flock of geese
seeds for a garden
3 fruit trees
2 bee hives

  Happy Birthday Aubree!

You are an amazing girl, Aubree.
Always kind.
Always thinking of others.
Always full of light.

Well.... almost always beautiful!

What a great group of girls!!!

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