Friday, April 12, 2013

Seth's Baptism

April 28, 2012
A day to be recorded in the life of 
Seth Joseph Wilcox.

 Seth was Baptized and confirmed by his Dad.

He was surrounded by family and friends who support his decision and adore his sweet spirit...
 Grandma and Grandpa McConkie

Uncle Brandon and favorite cousin Ian 
(along with the other BK Wilcox cousins)

Aunts Marianne and Laura

 ...who got a little too generous with their kisses for Seth's liking!

A picture with the whole family and both grandparents. Too bad we all look like such goofs!

 Baptism days are wonderful days.  
But Seth's story of commitment to the covenants he made through his baptism 
began long before this day.
 January of 2011 we began to focus on a new family theme: "Feast upon the Words of Christ".
We asked the kids to set a goal for scripture reading...
10 minutes each night, 2 pages... it was their decision.  
Seth, 6 1/2 years old at the time, set the lofty goal to finish the Book of Mormon on his own 
before he was baptized.
 I was proud of his enthusiastic goal and his initial dedication the first few weeks, 
but I was certain that his progress would come to a screeching halt somewhere around 
the middle of second Nephi.
But this sweet boy stole my heart and proved me wrong!  
 Early mornings found him sitting on the couch 
reading as consistently as the sun did rise: day after day, month after month.
It was his book of choice.
I love this picture because it reminds me of the many times I found him in an unexpected place reading with awe-inspiring focus.
(This was snapped while on an airplane.)

I'm not sure how much a seven year old retains when reading ancient records, 
but if watching him read this book makes his Heavenly Father 
half as happy as it makes his earthly momma, 
then he is bound to spend a lot of time walking in the good grace of God.

We love you Sethy boy! 

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Robyn DeGaetano said...

Great pictures! I love both the silly and the smiley one. And is Jacob really taller than you now? Crazy!