Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink... and Hunter's Orange

Aubree is the quintessential girl:

Natural mother to all her siblings,
Unsurprisingly obedient,
Inspiring cellist and pianist,
Silky golden locks and long black eyelashes,
Unassuming and kind,
Always aware of where each family member has placed lost items,
Excellent student,
Pretty in pink,
Blood thirsty hunter.

Okay, 'blood thirsty' is a little dramatic.  
But she does have an amazing 'eye'.  From the tender age of 2 she could spot animals 
on mountain tops from miles away which were invisible to the rest of the family, 
with the exception of her bloodthirstyhunterfather.  
She is a natural hunter.  
So when she finally came of age she was invited to join the hunting party.  

Oh, happy day!

The hunting party.  18 men (not all pictured).  1 young lady.    
 And may I say a word about this hunting party?  
I love them all.  
Every single red-necked one of 'em. 
Me: "So how was it hunting for six days with 18 men?!  How did you survive?" 
Aubree's report: "Mom, they were really so awesome to me! Every meal we ate they made me dish up and sit down first because I was the lady!"  
Bless these sweet gentlemen who taught my daughter how she deserves to be treated.
(And Bryan reported a notable decrease in burping when she was present.)  
See?  Gentlemen.

From sun up....

To sun down....

...Aubree was a tough trooper! 

And she looked ADORABLE while doing it!
ADORABLE, I tell you!!!

Enjoying their 'day of rest' together.
(Could a wife and mother be more proud?)

 Posing with "Max"(note the antler sticking out of the middle of his head!)

 The kill for the year (shot by other members of their hunting party.) 

Though they didn't have much luck with the elk,
it was a pretty successful week together!

After a week in the wild she is still pretty in pink...
...and hunter's orange.

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Robyn DeGaetano said...

This is what the futures holds for MY daughters, too. They can't WAIT to go hunting with Daddy someday (which Lou LOVES). Very cute post. And I love the scenery pictures - gorgeous!!