Monday, January 16, 2012


 When your married life and budding family begin in Wisconsin,
you can't help yourself from becoming CHEESE HEADS.

We are Packer Fans all the way!

When Jacob was 2 months old we headed to The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field 
and put his name on the season ticket holders list.
We were told that Bryan and I would never live long enough 
for our names to be called upon to purchase tickets.  
And Jacob (remember, he was 2 months at the time) 
may not live long enough for his name to be called.  
BUT HIS GRANDCHILDREN may become eligible for his season tickets!  
So it was with this hope that Bryan and I placed Jacobs name on the waiting list:
#32, 497
You are welcome, great-grandchildren.

My favorite thing about these pictures is that they are all taken between the hours of 4am-7:30am.
The kids make a great attempt to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.
Sunday afternoon we turn off all phones, computers, radios, and connection to the world 
in an attempt to keep the score of the recorded game a surprise.
The kids go to bed (but certainly can't fall asleep for hours) early on Sunday night
in preparation to wake up early on Monday morning.
We don't have the typical football food as we watch the recorded game.  
But breakfast foods have never been finer: sweet rolls, orange julius, bacon, eggs, and muffins!


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