Wednesday, January 25, 2012


"A happy family is but an early heaven."
~George Bernard Shaw

So... What does that say for moments like these?


Jamica said...

The answer?
"A grumpy family is but a living hell."
~ Jamica

The Cox's said...

I am glad to see this last picture! Makes my life feel more normal! We have this saying in our kitchen, 'Home - refuge from the storm"! I always think, "What a crock!" Isn't home where the storm is?

Robyn DeGaetano said...

Oh my gosh, laughed out LOUD on your comment about a grumpy family!! But sooo true. And I love how these shots show off the beautiful blue color of your kid's eyes - stunning! I think my favorite picture is the close up of Amelia - what a pretty girl.

Emily said...

I'm starting to think James should hang out with Hayden, then they can bug each other!

Bryan said...

I love those kids, despite the times when I could strangle them. I think it's best to always watch your kids when they're sleeping to remember how cute and perfect they can appear to be.