Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mia's first cast

On September 2nd Amelia had an insignificant fall off the swing in our back yard.
Insignificant except for the fact that it lead to a cast.

She was remarkably brave.

Cast color of choice?
Pink, of course.

Amelia was quite please with her new Pink cast!  
They lead to lots of attention and pampering!

But apparently casts also lead to frustrating situations such as this: 

(I'm still not sure how this happened, 
but I'm sure glad I had my camera ready!)


tarryn said...

She is so cute, cast and all. I love that you say it is her "first cast," assuming there are more to follow!

Robyn DeGaetano said...

Cute post. I was looking at these pictures with my daughter (Josephine, age 5) and we were laughing at the "bucket dilemma". Josephine was commenting on how cute Amelia is, and then we got to the bucket pictures. She paused and said - "see, that's why I never sit in a bucket", and I laughed out loud.