Friday, January 13, 2012

Will I ever have a daughter-in-law?

We believe in date nights.  
Usually Bryan and I take the kids out together for one-on-one dates.  
Occasionally we split up; Dad takes the girls, Mom takes the boys.
 I took the boys to dinner hoping to enjoy meaningful and instructional conversation.

Me: "Boys, the day will come when you will be out to dinner with a girl you really like.  You will need to be the one to encourage conversation.  What are some questions you could ask her to get the conversation going?"

And without hesitation, as if they lay awake in bed each night preparing for such a moment, they fired off their responses....
Jake: "So.... how old ARE you?!"
Hayden: "Are you married?"
Seth: "Do you even have a soul?"
*sigh*....I have A LOT of work to do. 

I sure love these boys!
(And it's a good thing. Considering the way they carry a conversation,
 I could be stuck with them for quite a while.)

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kimberly said...

see jame!! this is why you must blog! your kids are hilarious and you rein-act the conversations so well. much more of these please!!